Government SLE

Keeping your technology growing

Any government organization's technology support should align with its administrative goals and be able to maximize the impact of the resources utilized. With constantly evolving initiatives within government organizations and school systems, your IT network should operate efficiently and grow with you.

Stratosphere Networks understands that common industry concerns include:

  • Utilize resources more efficiently
  • Reduce time it takes to conduct annual audits
  • Serve the public with better accessibility
  • Ensure security of overall IT environment
  • Ensure software is up to regulation including federal, state, deparment of defense, NASA and department of transportation are safeguarded.
  • Backup critical data and disaster recovery planning

Stratosphere Networks offers a plethora of solutions to address each concern. Regardless of the size of your government institution, providing you the most cost-effective IT solutions tailored to meet your business needs is our goal.

Intelligent Vendor Management services is crucial for providing timely problem resolution to critical line of business applications. Common line of business applications for the government and state and local education industries include:

  • Self service student and teacher portals as well as student records
  • Access to classroom and multi-media software
  • Databases and inventory
  • Remote learning
  • Easily accessible technology
  • Offer police, fire, water, sewer, electricity, trash and other municipal services to residences
  • Budgetary software

Stratosphere Networks lets you focus on what you do best-run your government organization. You worry about your clients; let us worry about your IT systems.

Contact us today to learn how Stratosphere Networks can maintain your IT systems so that you do not have to.