Keeping your technology risk-free

The fast-paced and ever-changing environment of a legal practice requires the most up-to-date technology available. Stratosphere Networks can help maintain your IT infrastructure so that your practice can continue to seamlessly and efficiently function.

In an industry where time is money and customer privacy is prime, we understand the need of worry-free technology systems. We can address common legal industry concerns such as:

  • Calendar sharing.
  • Risk Management Tools.
  • Practice management software
  • Time stamping, tracking, and call accounting.
  • Billing and accounting.
  • Dictation and call recording.
  • Conflict checking.
  • Filing and case management.

No matter the size of your law firm, Stratosphere Networks provides the most cost-effective IT solutions tailored to meet your business needs-which ultimately influence the bottom line of your company. Our team of experts can help you with industry-specific tools that ensure that your practice prospers:

  • Call Accounting & Tracking with Veramark, Metropolis, CallTracker, Trisys, and more.
  • Billing & Accounting: Tabs3, QuickBooks, PeachTree,
  • Integrated access to contacts and calendars using Outlook/Entourage onsite or hosted exchange.
  • Mobility integration: Blackberry, iTouch, Palm, PDA, etc.
  • Document management, fax to email, and scanning: Worldox, eFax, Multitech, FaxPress, Open Text, etc.
  • Docket software, databases, court searches, and case management software.
  • 72% of AMLAW 100 Firms Now Use CompuLaw Rules Database (2009).
  • Compliance and membership groups and ensuring current.

Stratosphere Networks lets you focus on what you do best-run your law firm. You worry about your clients; let us worry about your IT systems.

Contact us today to learn how Stratosphere Networks can maintain your IT systems so that you do not have to.